Saturday 30 August 2008


Portion Control, ColumbiaClub, Berlin, Germany, 28.07.2007 supporting Front Line Assembly, Fallout Tour, European Leg. Mmembers of FLA appear in this video as guests filmed by Henrik Bauer and Ingolf Hauffe. Produced by Henrik Bauer at Mega Mind Video Department.

"this was the first time i organized filming a show in multi-cam. to be precise, FLAs headliner show was. recording the pc set was just an unprepared optionally added test kinda thing, so this is not representative for the professional awesomeness that mega mind has become since. however i had those 2 camera takes of the show and worked out something from that. here you are, enjoy, and fuck all the industrial elite of arrogance and its members, most especially fledge for getting on the guest list of the show thx to me and not puttin me on the gl of his fla aftershow party in return. this isnt perfect, this is a bootleg, this is out there for everyone else."

01 Tyger
02 Global
03 Hardman
04 Seven Shades Of Shit
05 Hey Hey
06 Lambeth
07 Grime Jack
08 Unknown
09 Chew You To Bits
10 Ending

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It looks like the torrent was banned from the tracker for some reason. Anyone know why?