Sunday 15 June 2008


SOLAR ENEMY VS. PORTION CONTROL. 10 "lost" tracks from the archives.

Solar Enemy:

01. Phantom
02. Override2
03. Interstella
04. Roy
05. Pie Jesu
06. March
07. Rapid Fire Reaction3

Taken from the recording sessions of "Proceed To Beyond (The Rape Of Europa)" unreleased tracks and alternative versions.

Portion Control:

08. Barely Alive
09. Burning
10. Surge

Recorded between 2001-2003. Tracks unreleased except Barely Alive which is an alternative version to the one that appears on Wellcome. CD-r in dvd box and "oldschool" artwork/booklet 200 numbered copies.

Official release date: 25.06.08. More info:

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